The Currier Museum of Art’s mission is to provide stimulating, diverse, and enjoyable encounters with original works of art, and, in doing so, hope to inspire the hearts, minds and imaginations of its audience. The Currier’s educational web site puts you and your students in contact with images, information, resources, and classroom and studio activities related to works of art in the collection of the museum.

Focusing on visual literacy, critical thinking, and cross-curricular connections, we have built a site based on the themes of Portraiture, Landscape, New Hampshire Artists and New Hampshire Artists’ Colonies. Linked to the Currier’s on-line collections database and designed to meet both New Hampshire and national education standards, we hope that this site allows you to analyze and evaluate works of art from structural, historical and cultural perspectives.


To provide teachers with background information, vocabulary words, concepts and activity suggestions related to works of art in the collection at the Currier Museum of Art. To provide teachers with a framework upon which to build lessons about various New Hampshire artists, artistic movements and themes. To increase access to and use of the Currier Museum’s rich collection.

At the Museum
Enjoy your classroom experience and remember our museum’s exhibitions are always changing to include local, national, and internationally renowned artists. We encourage you to visit the museum and experience our collection firsthand to supplement your time on this site. We also encourage you to access your local arts and cultural resources to supplement this on-line curriculum and to develop independent collaborations.
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