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Exploring this Site as a Resource for Learning

Each section begins with key learning objectives and appropriate background information.

Think, Look and Compare Questions allow teachers of all grade levels to utilize specific questioning strategies to encourage classroom discussion and to guide the analysis of the works of art.

Activities are presented by grade level, elementary (K-4), middle (5-8), and high school (9-12), and are meant for general classroom use. Activities may be adapted for other age groups and abilities. Links to the New Hampshire Frameworks for the visual arts, language arts and history are included.

Studio art activities, when appropriate, are also included. Each studio art activity contains instructional objectives, materials and supplies to have on hand, project length, step-by-step procedures to follow, corresponding national, as well as New Hampshire state standards on the arts, new vocabulary words, assessment questions, interdisciplinary extensions, and connections to the Currier Museum of Art’s collection.

Our suggested activities cover the following skills:

Writing, Listening, Following directions, Thinking, Observing, Creating, Describing, Discussing, Visualizing, Comparing, Contrasting, Reading, Locating, Speaking, Researching, Critiquing, Imagining and much, much more.

The Glossary sections contain words and phrases found in the background information that may be new or unfamiliar to the reader. The glossaries may be adapted by teachers as a vocabulary list.

Assessment Questions allow teachers to gather feedback on the content and level of student comprehension and retention.

Further Resources extend the learning experience.

Currier Collections Online
Part of a larger project to digitize the museum's collection records, Currier Collections Online is an internet database containing images and information on over 10,000 works from the permanent collection. It allows anyone with a web connection to virtually explore the collection, view zoomable images, browse collection exhibitions and read informative essays. Throughout the Curriculum website, visitors will find links to records and images on Collections Online intended to supplement the lesson plans.

Community Portfolios
Another feature of Collections Online, Community Portfolios, permits educators to create and save their own online groups of objects from the museum's permanent collection. These portfolios can then be designated private for personal viewing or shared with colleagues and students. As a teaching tool, the Community Portfolios can be used to present images to students in class, assigned as required viewing for homework or simply aid in lesson planning. To join the community and begin making portfolios, send an e-mail to to receive a username and password. Please provide your name, e-mail address, school name, grade and subject you teach, and zip code. If this is for home-school learning, please provide zip code and grade level. You will receive a username and password in a few days. If you have already joined the Community, enter here.

From these materials, it is our hope that you will develop a strong sense of the collection of the Currier Museum of Art, as all of the works highlighted on our web site are by artists in our extensive collection. We also hope that these materials will help you integrate art looking and art-making into the classroom curriculum to create a multidisciplinary learning environment that addresses students' diverse learning styles.

We hope you and your students enjoy your learning experience at the Currier Museum of Art. We welcome your input and feedback! Please visit the museum's home page at to access more museum information and teacher resources.

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The Museum is grateful to the following individuals who provided important feedback and guidance in the development of this site:

John Barry, Pinkerton Academy, Derry
Cheryl Bourassa, Concord High School, Concord
John Bouton, Derryfield School, Manchester
Beth Brisson, McLaughlin Middle School, Manchester
Karen Burgess-Smith, New Hampshire Institute of Art and Lamont Gallery, Phillips-Exeter Academy
Joan Cassidy, Main Dunstable Elementary School, Manchester
Marilyn Coffin, Laconia Elementary School, Laconia
Linda Coleman, Manchester Historic Association, Manchester
Marcia Congdon, Heron Pond Elementary, Milford
Jeannie Connolly, Contoocook Valley School District
Kit Cornell, State Council on the Arts Advisory Council and Roster Artist
Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh, Highland Goffe’s Falls Elementary School, Manchester
Jody Del Sordo, Manchester Central High School
Terry Dempsey, Moultonborough Central School, Moultonborough
Mary Desfosses, Plymouth Regional High School, Plymouth
Denise Freeman, Campbell High School, Litchfield
Mark Foynes, New Hampshire Historical Society
Melody Funk, Holderness Central School
Elenore Freedman, Trustee Emeritus, Currier Museum of Art
Liz Gosselin, Souhegan High School, Amherst
Peter Gulick, Plymouth Regional High School, Plymouth
Linn Krikorian, Currier Art Center
Chris Lewis, Franklin Middle School
Marcia McCaffrey, New Hampshire Department of Education
Andrea Merrill, Manchester Central High School, Manchester
Claudia Michael, Manchester West High School
George Morrison, Concord High School
Catherine O’Brian, New Hampshire State Council on the Arts
Robin Peringer, Nashua High School North
Pauline Pichette, Matthew Thornton Elementary, Londonderry
Ken Relihan, New Hampshire Department of Education
Katie O’Gorman-Rhodebeck, Pembroke Hill School, New Hampshire Art Educators Association Executive Council
Karen Sheehan-Lord, Manchester Central High School
Matt Tafe, Hillside Middle School, Manchester
Jane Weber, Nashua School District
Jane Welch, Kimball Elementary School, Concord
Frank Windsor, New Hampshire Public Television
Ben Woo, Lafayette Regional School, Franconia

Currier Museum of Art Staff members
Sharon Matt Atkins, Assistant Curator
Sherry Collins, Director of Finance
Courtney D’Alessio, Public Programs Manager
Leah Fox, Director of Public Programs
Deborah Gibbs, former Director of Public Programs

Terry Allen, Public Relations and Marketing

Neva Austrew, Public Relations Coordinator
Hope Jordan, former Public Relations and Marketing
Alex Kalish, Assistant Registrar
Susan Leidy, Deputy Director
Greg Palmer, former Assistant Director of Development
Paula Senneville, Business Office
Carol Smiglin, Group Tour Administrator
Andrew Spahr, Chief Curator
Susan Strickler, Director

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