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For Teachers
Assessment Questions

1. Can students define the word landscape?
2. Can students analyze and describe a landscape painting?
3. Are students able to compare/contrast two landscape paintings?
4. Can students identify Jacob Francis Cropsey?
5. Can students identify some of Cropsey’s work?
6. Can students define the Hudson River School?
7. Are your students able to connect art to geography, literature, history and/or nature?
8. Can students tell you how an artist’s decision-making process affects his/her final product?
9. Are students able to explain how landscape painting influenced European’s view of Americans and Americans view of themselves?
10. Are students able to identify and apply the principles of art and design to their analysis of landscape paintings?
11. Are students able to use landscape paintings as catalysts for writing assignments?

Sources: Celebrate America! Three Centuries of American Art from the Currier, Exhibition Guide; American Art from The Currier Gallery of Art, American Federation of Arts, 1995.






Sophia Towne Darrah, Mount Chocorua, New Hampshire, 1856
Sophia Towne Darrah, Mount Chocorua, New Hampshire, 1856
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