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Allegorical language that tells a story.

Foreground area of a picture that is nearest to and in front of the viewer.

Vignette an unbordered picture that fades into the surrounding color at the edges.

Royal Academy Founded in the 1760s, this British membership organization was founded for the purpose of cultivating and improving the arts of painting, sculpture and architecture.

Garden of Eden an Earthly paradise.

Romantic – (Romanticism) an art movement/style that flourished in the early 19th century. It emphasized emotions painted in a bold, dramatic manner. Romanticism rejected the cool reasoning of classicism, the established art of the time, to paint images of nature or other exotic settings in their untamed state.

Depict to portray or show.

Transcendental a philosophy that emphasizes a supernatural or mystical element of experience.

Topography surface features of a place or region.

Intervale a tract of low-lying land especially along a river.










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