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For Teachers
Assessment Questions

  1. Who are some of NH’s most famous artists and what are they known for?
  2. What do artists contribute to a community?
  3. Specifically, who is Augustus Saint-Gaudens? Daniel Chester French? Edmund Tarbell? Lotte Jacobi? James Aponovich? Mary and Ed Scheier? Jules Olitski?
  4. Can students identify how the work of New Hampshire artists is connected to daily life?
  5. Are students able to apply the principles of art and design to the work of New Hampshire artists?
  6. How has the art produced in NH changed over time?
  7. What about NH is attractive to artists?

Sources: Celebrate America! Three Centuries of American Art from the Currier, Exhibition Guide; American Art from The Currier Gallery of Art, American Federation of Arts, 1995.


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