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Revolutionary War the American Revolution.

Itinerant traveling from place to place, especially to perform work.

Limner a painter of portraits.

Silversmith one whose occupation it is to manufacture and repair articles of silver.

Milliner one that makes, trims and designs hats.

Apprentice one who is learning a trade or occupation; to work for another in exchange for instruction in trade, skill or business.

Patron sponsor, benefactor or supporter.

Engraver one who carves, cuts or etches into a material.

Portrait d’Apparat portraying a portrait subject with objects associated with his/her daily life.

Expatriate removed from one’s native land.

Federal Period period in American history, 1780 - 1820.

Royal Academy founded in 1768 by a group of leading artists, the Academy established itself as a school to train artists in drawing, painting, sculpture and architecture.

Inscription short, signed message in a book, photo or artwork.

Folk painting art made by people with little or no formal training.


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